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Re: Bad quality printing, set-off and missregistration

Hello, Misregistration: This could be due to worn-out rollers or printer alignment issues. Check printer settings for alignment options. Set-off/Ghosting: This might be caused by excess ink or improper fusing. Ensure you're using the correct paper type setting and consider checking/replacing the fuser unit. If problems persist, consult with Xerox support or consider professional maintenance.

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Bad quality printing, set-off and missregistration

Product Name: VersaLink C500 Printer
Operating System: Apple iOS

Two issues


1.  Printer wont hold registration for more than a few pages.  I reset the registration then print in 4 color and after just a few pages the regislation goes out.


2.  If I print more than 3 pages then is inevitably set off or ghost images and "spatter"


Any suggestions?

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