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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Banner Sheet display wrong User

Why do you mention active directory at all? Are the Printers pushed to the accounts or something? Because if that is the case normally, it certainly appears to not be working in this one case and you need to look into that, because Windows itself populates the Banner page information so it cannot pull another PC users data, the only way your scenario makes any sense is if the person getting the wrong banner actually connected to the wrong shared printer and is actually printing through the driver installed on the PC used by the person listed on the banner.


The only decision the printer has is which data it pulls out of the job, and this cannot be set to be different per submitter, it would apply to everyone. Properties > Services > Printing > General


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Joe Arseneau
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Banner Sheet display wrong User

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Hello Experts,

I have Xerox WorkCenter 5945 that is Printer Server.

One Active Directory User logged on to a computer under her account and tried to sent stuffs to that printer, everything working fine, but it really stranges that Banner Sheet display out on the paper with other One of Active Directory user instead,

Could you help me with this?

Best regards,

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