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Banner sheet has Chronos on all banner sheets from chromebooks

Product Name: Xerox D95 built-in controller
Operating System: Other – specify OS in post

We recently switched to Google Admin printing from our chromebooks due to google cloud print going away. We have the Xeroxs setup the LPD and when users print from chromebooks the banner sheet comes out as chronos, when we were using google cloud print it would print the banner sheet with the username of who was logged into the chromebook.Any suggestions on how to get the banner sheets to start printing usernames back on the banner sheet?? Thanks!!!

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Re: Banner sheet has Chronos on all banner sheets from chromebooks

Your Xerox printer will print the username that is contained in the job. I believe that this link explains what you need to know about usernames, GSuite, and ChromeOS. Following the conversation at that link states that there is a GSuite setting that needs to be changed and IPPS needs to be used rather then LPR for the print submissions. I do not think that the D95 supports IPPS printing though, at least I couldn't find documentation that confirms that it does. I was able to confirm through documentation that its successor the Xerox B9100 does support IPPS.

If you are able to resolve this please respond and let the community know what you're solution was.