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Re: Best printer for printing on index cards

Thank you Alan.  The document you shared shows that the 6022 color printer does accept 3x5 index cards in the main tray.  Once again, thanks!



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Re: Best printer for printing on index cards

Hi Sherlock,

Have a look here                 Look towards the bottom at the "paper input" specifications. Your answer may be there for this particular printer. Good luck!

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Best printer for printing on index cards

Product Name: Phaser 6022
Operating System: Not Applicable

Hello,  I am new to this forum. 

I am looking for a printer that is ideal for printing on index cards.  A typical application would be to print flash cards.  The features important to me are a) the ability to load a tray with 100 (3x5) index cards, and b) robust paper handling with (relatively) few jams. 

What is the ideal printer for printing on index cards?  Does anyone know if the Phaser 6022 works well with index cards?

Thank you for your attention.  Sincerely, Sherlock 


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