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Bidirectional communication issue for driver GPD 5377.6 on Server 2012 R2

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Hello everyone,


I searched through the forum, but couldn't find this exact issue (probably due the the driver being recently updated).


My organization is going from a Server 2008 to Server 2012 R2 VM that we use as a print server. The problem we are experiencing is that on the 2012 R2 server with the latest GPD (5377.6.0--either PCL6 or PS), the printer on the server is not correctly reporting the settings of the printer, namely, accounting.


On our server 2008, I found that when using GPD 5347.6.0 (either PCL6 or PS), the bidirectional communication correctly picked up that Accounting was turnined on (got the explanation from this post: Configuration settings (specifically Accounting) is grayed out on server with global driver)


Is there anything new or different with the latest GPD and with Server 2012 R2? We have the new server up and running as a non production VM, so I can test suggestions, but I don't have much time.


I can manually turn on Accounting via the printer properties on the 2012 R2 server, but this is time consuming and will require me to check every printer on the old server to see what printer has accounting turned on.


On both servers, bidirectional support is turned on. I did try the 5347.6.0 driver on the Server 2012 R2 VM and experience the same behavior, so think the problem is with Server 2012 R2, but I don't know if this is expected or not.





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