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Black marks down rifght edge of page

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I purchased a Phaser 6125N just last week I am pretty happy with it exvept one thing:


When I print I get some small black marks down the righrt edge of the page. The same mark repeats 3 or 4 times on a letter size page. .


I have tried to look in online troubleshootiong here ant it all says to check paper and original Xeroz suppies used. . As I said it is NEW . The only problem I saw with suppies was that yellow toner had spilled and a door/latch on cartridge was open(?) and did not allow it to latch in place when installed until I moved the latch and was able to install.. I have now printed over 20 pages and those marks remain on every newly promted page


I will also note that when removing one of the yellow plastic tape like slips of plastic the (drum?)  fell out. The one with a white dot on it. Not the fuser at the very top. I had to put it and the gear back in place. Not a bey good warning against this in the instructions!



I must also express my concern for Xerox support. I dont think it is that good. I purchasd this printer in Mexico. I am unable to reach the mexico toll freee support number and no alternate number is listed. I called USA support and was told i had to call Mexico support. I tried to register for these foirums and I needed 2 of 4 items and tried entering an invoice number and serial number. . The system seemed to reject my invoice number or so it said. This morning I find logion information in my email. Nobody should need anythiong more than a serial number to access these forums. When I was able to get Xeroz mexico 800 on the phone I left a message and they have never returne a call. I am a week out on a problem that should have been resolved on the first day!

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