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Re: Blurry / low resolution / low contrast printing & copying

Just adding an update - Upgraded firmware from 101. to 103.  No change in the output quality.


Printed several test pages from the service menu, utilizing different paper trays/sizes.  A couple of the pages that print the CMYK carrots "^" along the page edge were crisp.  All other pages had the same blurry appearance.

All internally generated pages (i.e. consumables report, configuration report) are completely unreadable.

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Blurry / low resolution / low contrast printing & copying

Product Name: AltaLink C8030 / C8035 / C8045 / C8055 / C8070 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

I have an Altalink C8045 that suddenly started printing and copying very blurry.  ~10-pt text is almost unreadable now.

This has been confirmed in both printing and copying activities.  Scanning to PDF produces the normal/crisp image it always has.

I've performed a color and print calibration with no change.  I've tried changing drivers (PCL & PS) from different computers with no change.  I've tried the print quality options (Standard, Enhanced, High-resolution) with no change.  Also tried different paper in different trays with no change.

Also, pulled the LPH cleaners out and in twice, with no change.


The unit has less than 50k impressions and given that it suddenly changed from crisp prints one day to blurry the next makes me think this is a software issue.  

Below are two pages scanned on this unit, just one day apart.  Left side is the crisp side, right side is blurry and unreadable.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.




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