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Re: Booklet printing-size change

Hi Horicon88

you could let the Driver to do the impose or you will do it manually from the Apps However since you already imposed your pages by the MS Publisher  then try to set the imposition source to Pre-imposed By App




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New Member

Booklet printing-size change

Product Name: Phaser 7800
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Looking to find out why the size of my prints change when I go into Booklet printouts.  I'm doing half-page letter document in Microsoft Publisher and adding fold and staple finishing.   It will correctly print page order and layout.  There is something in the booklet setup that is changing my output size and also cropping pages when printed.  Its basically resizing down to what looks like an auto resize/margins type of effect.  I can get correct prints when not in booklet "mode".  Printing out to letter size paper.


Any ideas?

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