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Re: Bug with Mac OS 10.15.4 and Phaser 7100 driver 5.5.2

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This appears to still be a problem in version 5.7.2(2221). I have modified my PPD as described and that does fix the issue. However I have reports of users on 10.15.7 getting intermittent freezing occasionally when they are in the print dialog box. (We do use the Accounting system and have it pop-up asking for the account code). Is anyone else having this issue? Could it be related to modifying the PPD? I see there is some sort of checksum line in there somewhere but I'm not an expert on the ins and outs. 

And, um, do we think Xerox is going to fix this in their driver? How do we help inspire and hasten that change? 

Oh, I should probably add I'm using the Xerox C70 PPD which had this same problem with the tray selection.

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