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Bypass tray message on Phaser 3330

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Can we please get a way to disable the 07-500 error message generated by the Phaser 3330 driver on Windows 10? I really don't care that the bypass tray is empty unless I'm trying to print to it.  If I'm printing out of tray 1, then don't tell me a different tray is empty.  As it is, I get an annoying error popup with an audible Windows alert sound every single time I print a document. 

From a UX perspective, the current experience is poor design because it will lead to error fatigue, where users will entirely fail to notice an error that the actual, regular paper tray is empty (or any other error) because they assume it was just the 07-500 annoyance yet again.

Filling the bypass tray to get around the error isn't a particularly good solution either.  I don't want the front of my printer hanging open all the time.

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Re: Bypass tray message on Phaser 3330


the 07-500 error message is an Alert  message that the bypass tray is empty and need to load paper , xerox add a sensor to this tray to notify the users that the tray is empty in case they want to use it ,However this Alert message will not stop your print jobs else if you specify the driver/ Application settings to use bypass tray and the tray was empty or have another paper type ,size,color than defined on the driver settings .

However if this annoying you , i guess you may switch off the Bi-Directional Communication