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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: C400 Print driver

v4 drivers are only available to Windows 8 and 10, and they require a companion app to gain full features, in the future, they will probably be the standard, but they are not now, and won't be soon, as the code isn't done and not all features are implemented as yet. I would highly suggest sticking with v3.


The latest firmware is here and the install instructions are included in the download.



As for printing photos, the PS driver will beat the PCL, the V4 driver in either form will be much worse quality wise by default, and color handling depends on the application you are using


I would suggest setting the driver as seen highlighted here below.





This machine won't compare to Photo Inkjet though, it isn't designed that way, it is a desktop office printer, it is meant to do quick volume jobs with finishing at a good speed, Photo printers are meant for high quality occasional prints with no finishing of any kind.


For any color issues you need help with you need to specify the application and the driver in use.

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Joe Arseneau
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C400 Print driver

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i just purchased a C400 and am confused by the drivers.  There appears to be a type 3 and type 4 driver.  The type 3 is version 5511.1100.0.0 and the type 4 driver is  Which of these should I be using?  Also,  How do I update the firmware if it needs updating?  I downloaded the firmware update software but it does not find any firmware files when I launch it.  Where would I find the latest firmware that is installed in the printer?  The last question has to do with printing photos.  I recognize that this is not an inkjet printer but the photos aren't bad although the color is off a  bit.  Is there anywhere to go to learn how I might get more satisfactory results with photos.  With alot of inkject printers you can download printer profiles for specific types of paper.  The xerox seems to have very few printer profiles.  Thanks for any help that someone can provide. Gary Cardinale

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