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Re: C400 won't print DL envelopes (Hold for Resources)

Hi Eddles, 

Thank you for using the Support Forum. How are you loading the envelope in the bypass tray short edge or long edge? Please make sure you are feeding the envelope in long edge orientation.  If that is not the issue try deleting the driver completely reboot both the PC and the printer and then reload the driver.  If that does not help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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C400 won't print DL envelopes (Hold for Resources)

Product Name: VersaLink C400 Color Printer
Operating System: macOS 12 - Monterey

An ongoing frustrating problem with my printer - always getting the "Hold for resources" error, always difficult to resolve, so please forgive me for a stressful post.  I would really appreciate your advice, big time.  Thank you.

This particular issue, is me trying to print on an DL envelope using MS Word on MacOS.  I load the DL envelopes onto the bypass tray, set it as DL envelope, envelope & white, but it says "error, held for resources, expected DL envelope in bypass tray" but that's exactly what I set it up to.  I guess there is another issue, but I think is hidden in the error message as it's too long, but there's no way to view the full message.  Pushing the resume button doesn't clear the error message, and it's not obvious at all what the faulty setting is.  Making it more frustrating.  No help in manual, Google, or Xerox themselves, am surprised as this is a very basic printing feature.

This is in relation to my numerous "Hold for Resources" errors - the printer completely and utterly refuses to print if a small setting is incorrect, and I have to spend a few minutes finding the incorrect setting, fix it, then start it printing.  I've owned a number of HP printers that often had the same problem, but it was really easy to force it to just accept the "incorrect" paper by pressing "Go" and it'll print just fine.  Why can't I do this with this printer, why do I have to spend 5 minutes fixing this each time the error comes up?  Is there a way around this, please?

Anyway, see the below 2 pictures please, of the error, and tell me what I'm doing wrong, please.

Edit: the forum pictures don't seem to be working for some reason, please see links to the off-site pictures, thank you.  Pic1, Pic2.


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