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Re: C550 Skew help

Thank you all for your help and suggestions however it turned out i had to do a factory reset to restore the alignment options.

however since doing so there is no longer an issue.

but has created a new one where x & y axis in command workstation do nothing.

thanks again

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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: C550 Skew help

You are aware there are arrows on the screen to get to more pages of options right?


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Joe Arseneau
Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: C550 Skew help


Are you sure, if you scroll down in the Maintenance tab, you did not find The Alignement Adjustment?

Otherwise, if your machine have a Fiery DFE (from what I know), you can adjust the skew from Command Workstation and I think also from FreeFlow (if exist).



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Occasional Advisor
Occasional Advisor

Re: C550 Skew help

The problem is a mechanical problem in tray 5 or the registration assembly or anywhere in between.
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C550 Skew help

Product Name: Xerox Color 550/560/570 Printer
Operating System: Windows 7

Hey guys!

Hope youre all good!

Does anyone know or can point me in the right direction here please

I need to get access via the panel on the xerox C550 to the paper tray alignment section

When printing on tray 5 i get skew for instance:

I load a sra3 tray 5 when the print comes out lead edge bottom left is 14 mm to image top edge left is 13mm 

if i do the same in tray 1 the print is perfect.

i have tried accesing this menu:

1. Load paper in a tray
2. Press the Log In/Out button and enter the system administrator mode
3. Select the Tools tab followed by the System Settings tab
4. Select the Common Service Settings followed by the Maintenance Settings

(THEN THE Alignment Adjustment Settings IS NOT THERE? So i cannot go any further

5. Select Alignment Adjustment Settings
6. Select the alignment adjustment type you want to set or adjust, and touch Change Settings.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

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