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C60 Running 3 Part NCR

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Hello forum, its my firs time here so please bear with me. I have a new C60 and am trying to run one sided three part NCR. I have only been able to run it through the tray 5 bypass. Is there any way to run it through any of the higher volume main trays? Do I need to buy foward or reverse 3 part? Fiery settings?.    Thanks for the help in advance!

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: C60 Running 3 Part NCR

What issues are you having, if you can run it out of tray 5, what do you need to know about forward/reverse and Fiery if the job already runs beyond changing the tray in the driver?



NCR is a real nightmare to setupy when you don't know the unknowns.


Forward and reverse don't matter in the least as you can just change the print order to match



If you have pre-collated NCR you load it in a tray and start printing to that tray using whatever settings that tray has applied.


If it is not pre-collated 3 part you can load in 3 separate trays and use Mixed media for each page and do a few hundred copies of the 3 page job for example




Typically in the printer and the driver you just set it to the proper weight and color, make sure the driver and the copier agree on those settings. Forward and reverse order is typically defined by face-up or face-down, and in your printer tray 5 is loaded faceup and all the others are face-down, so to use trays other than tray 5, you would need to change the tray in screenshot 1, and the Output delivery in screenshot 2.



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Joe Arseneau
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