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C75 with Booklet Finisher - only 20 sheets fold & staple

I ran into a limitation on the C75 that does not match the specs listed on the Xerox site or the machine documentation.  It will only allow me to fold and staple 20 sheets.  I've had our tech come out and check on this for us.  We were able to get the machine to fold and staple a copy job of that size after changing an NVM setting, but the Fiery controller still won't allow it.


The Fiery and Command Workstation are fully updated.


Is there an unpublished patch that will resolve this issue?

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Re: C75 with Booklet Finisher - only 20 sheets fold & staple

Hi jonhodgin.

Thank you for using the forum.  I was unable to locate a solution.

I would recommend that you contact the support center for assistance as they can help with identify if there is a patch for this issue.  1-800-821-2797

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