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Re: C75 with blotchy black printing

Hi digitalprintplus.

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I have checked the C75 Press knowledgebase and it identifies the following:

1 - Make sure the paper is within specifications for the machine - Paper and Paper Tray Specifications

2 - Use a new ream of paper: Sometimes paper will contain spots, marks, or other imperfections. Paper left unwrapped for long periods of time can absorb excessive moisture. Excessive moisture can lead to paper jams and copy quality problems. Protect unused paper by storing it in its original wrapper, on a flat surface, until you are ready to use it.


If neither of these help I would recommend you contact us at 1-800-821-2797 for additional assistance.

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C75 with blotchy black printing

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

For the past few days we been gettuing some black mark/spot/ smears from the Press

it mainly happens and more visible on black and white prints

We changed the fuser like 3 days agao so we know it's not that (yeah was happening before the fuser change out)

we also been printing quite a few lately

Seems liek when we do large runs it doesn't happen as much or we just might be missing it

but if we're to do liek 1 letter size print/ copy

it shows up

can someone provide some insight please



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