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CQ 8870 94,700.00:304922 error message

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

A little over a month ago this printer gave an error, the officeworker took it upon herself to replace the maintenance kit. Still wouldn't print makes an awful noise. Pulling the covers off found that the plastic gears - one was stripped. Another tech replaced the gears when the part/assembly arrived.

Today the printer is displaying two errors, 1-doesn't like one of the wax cartridges. I pulled it out and that message went away, the other message is in the subject above. I don't know what that means nor what course of action to follow, so here I am hoping someone can direct me to the information to fix.

I pulled the covers off and from what I can tell, the gears turn and the MT sorta lifts up and twists a bit. I think that action is jammed. The noise I'm hearing is the bottom gear slipping against the smaller drive gear I'll call it. (which I think probably did the original assembly in).

And it looks like there is something that scrapes the residue - it's all gunked up. How to clean it?

Still looking around the site but information is helpful.

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