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Re: #CUPS-COMMAND pages on a WorkCenter 7428

Hey you!


Try turning off bi-directional communication.


SNMP / Bi-directional communication
As default SNMP is inactivated on MAC OS X, though sometimes you will have to create the SNMP
configuration file and manually turn it off. To do so:
1. Open the
Can be located in “Applications” -> “Utilities” -> “Terminal”
2. Write as following:
Snmpconf –g basic_setup
3. Choose the “snmpd.conf” file, if you have two of these files, select the one named
4. Write as following:
If you get a message saying the file already exists, write this command:
Overwrite <ENTER>
Restart your MAC and SNMP should now be deactivated.


You might also need to uninstall Printing Scout.

The equivalence to “Bi-directional communication” on the MAC is an application called
“Printing Scout”.
This program is included in the driver package.
To uninstall this program, start the “Finder” and go to Applications -> Xerox -> Printing
Take the whole catalogue and slide it over to the Trash bin, right click and select “Empty
Trash”. After this you will need to restart your MAC.


It should help.

Best Regards


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#CUPS-COMMAND pages on a WorkCenter 7428

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I'm experiencing a similar issue to this thread. Whenever one particular iMac running 10.7.2 in our office tries to print to the WorkCenter 7428, the printer spits out multiple pages saying #CUPS-COMMAND on two lines before it prints the actual page. Initially it printed 2-3 of those, now it's printing 8 between every page. This is a massive waste of paper and a problematic behavior. Unlike the thread above, it happens when printed from any source (Word, Safari, Mail).


I have tried the steps in the thread linked above. I uninstalled all Xerox software, removed all Xerox printer drivers in the /Library folder, reinstalled the drivers from Xerox's webpage, and set up the printer as an IP printer as described in steps 5-9 in the linked thread. The problem continues.


Since the error is called CUPS-COMMAND and it has a comment marker, I'm wondering if it's a configuration error in either the base CUPS configuration for the OS or in the CUPS support of the printer or the printer driver. Any thoughts?

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