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Can't access CWIS

Product Name: Xerox B210
Operating System: Windows 10 x64
Hi All,
Want to turn off banner page. Went through support answers. Went to CWIS page with IP (told me it was unsecure conn).
Got admin password, new password screen only.
Changed to my own password.
Refreshed page and only got the same page, not a login page to use new password.
So tried my password with 'admin' and didn't bother the new fields again but nothing happens.

I don't seem to get a login screen.

Adblockers are off and looking at banner sheet TCP and IPv enabled.

I tried 1111, different newly created passwords, same result except now I'm so down the rabbit hole I can't remember password so it won't even let me save a new password now!

So, how do I get back to original 1111 status?

Then how to I get a login screen after creating my own password.

Have tried Chrome, Firefox and Tugabrowser.

Any help appreciated

Cheers everyone!
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Can't access CWIS

Hello there,

Instead of 1111, have you tried the device serial number?

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