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Re: Can't connect

I had exactly the same problem with this printer. 

Try moving it as close as physically possible to your router. 

When you go to settings can you see the ink level display ? if not they are probably out of range.

I had to buy a wifi booster and site it 50cm from the printer to get mine to work

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Can't connect

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Windows 10

Good morning,

I bought a new WorkCentre 6515 with wifi.  The printer says it's connected to the Wifi.  When downloading the driver from this page

It says it can't find the printer.  when attempting to do locate it by IP address or name, it still can't find it. 

I tried to do the same on my Macbook...same issue. 

I've turned printer on/off and still have the issue.  

I've made sure both computers are on the same network as printer.  

I read where if I type IP address into web browser this would let me look at my printer...this didn't work either.

Also - why don't they put the admin password in the booklet...instead I have to google it.  



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