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Re: Can't print at all after printing A5 envelope through Bypass tray

It relates to my WorkCentre 3345 DNI printer.

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Re: Can't print at all after printing A5 envelope through Bypass tray

Hello Mike,

I see no one has answered, it would help if you included the model of your Xerox Device so people with similar models can chime in with their experiences.

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Can't print at all after printing A5 envelope through Bypass tray

Product Name: Other - specify product in post
Operating System: Windows 10 x64

Well, this is weird.

I had occasion to write a letter yesterday. I decided to print the letter on A4, and print the recipient's address  on an A5 envelope. I printed the envelope via the Bypass tray, which required me to narrow the guides down to the envelope size. All good, the envelope got printed just fine.

Then I attempted to print the letter from Tray 1 (which was full of A4 paper). It just wouldn't print it at all. And the print dialog in Word (and other applications, as it happens) tells me that the printer has a "Paper Problem". Looking at the Printer Status dialog, I see the following:

03-450 The Bypass Tray is not configured with the proper media resources for the current job. User intervention is required to resolve the media resource conflict. Printing has stopped, all other services (if installed) are unaffacted.

07-500 The paper supply in the Bypass Tray is empty. User intervention is required to add paper to the Bypass Tray. Printing can continue if the required media is available from other trays, all other machine services (if installed) are unaffacted.

No amount of cajoling got the printer to resume printing. Status message 07-500 suggests that the printer should be taking paper out of Tray 1 - because that's what I've told it to do.

No, the only way out of this situation was to reboot the printer.

Interestingly, if I repeat the exercise but print an A4 envelope through the Bypass Tray instead of an A5 envelope, printing is not stopped, and no "Paper Problem" status shows up.

This fault is repeatable. If I use a different size of paper through the Bypass Tray than A4, that print job works fine, but thereafter printing is completely stopped. I can't even print another A5 envelope through the Bypass Tray.

This is really stupid. And I have no idea how to prevent this from happening.

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