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Re: Can't print from 64bit applications [Mac OS]

Any one solve this yet? Man is this annoying!

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Matt H
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Re: Can't print from 64bit applications [Mac OS]

More info: I realized that the server hadn't had the Xerox drivers that were supplied by Apple Software Update installed. I did that, and the problem is still there.


It seems like ANYONE who has the Xerox drivers that were pushed out by Apple is having this problem. If they DIDN'T do the software update, they can print just fine.

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Matt H
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Can't print from 64bit applications [Mac OS]

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I have tested this on 10.6.8 server and 10.8.X server.


HP printers are fine.


All my Xerox printers (5790s, 5335s, 7855s, etc) don't work when adding the driver, sharing them out, and then a client tries to print with a 64bit application. I tested this in Google Chrome on my machine (Mac OS X 10.7.5) and it prints just fine, then when I try and do anything in Mail or Textedit it hangs, then tries to print two ghost "Printer Status" reports before my job, ultimately not printing at all. 


Xerox phone support had no answer for me, and I've tried the latest drivers 2.94.3. (I've since downgraded to 2.84.0 for testing). My mac gets the correct driver and information from my print server but then goes nowhere. Has anyone ever heard of something like this?!


Typical procedure is as follows:

Download driver for printer.

Install driver.

Cancel the automatic discovery in the driver.

Open up System Prefs -> Print and Fax

Add LPD printer based on printer's IP address and share it out.

Client then connects to the printer "@ server name"

Client's computer sees the correct driver

Client cannot print

Clients are a blend of 10.6.X, 10.7.X, 10.8.X




Console logs look "okay" from the user perspective. I've attached an image of what comes up in the printer queue on the client machines as soon as the print dialogue box is brought up.




5/29/13 11:02:03.491 AM Mail: Printing 1 copies, from application, to printer: Xerox WorkCentre 7775, 2.84.0. Print Xerox WorkCentre 7775, 2.84.0 1


5/29/13 11:02:03.498 AM Mail: Printing from application:, to printer: Xerox WorkCentre 7775, 2.84.0, with the advanced dialog. success Advanced dialog Xerox WorkCentre 7775, 2.84.0


I should also add that printing locally FROM the server from 64bit apps works just fine. Something happens when sharing the printers though, from every version of Mac OS X Server I have.

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