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Re: Can't print on WorkCenter 7225I using Mac OS



drivers from 7225i are working on 7225 and vice versa , there is no issue there

but i have encountered issue too when installing the print queues with the xerox installer


just run the installer again, to make sure the ppd is installed in your mac library

afterwards remove the printer, add a new printer, but choose IPP printer, enter the IP adress, choose the correct PPD, done!

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New Member

Can't print on WorkCenter 7225I using Mac OS

Product Name: Other - specify product in post


our  company brought following printer  WC 7225i

A lot of our coworkers use Windows and they don't  have any problem,  but  those  who have  Mac OS can't print  

First thing that we tried was of course installing official  drivers

But  after the  installation it throws you an error  because  it can't find  7225i in the list  

You have 7225 but not 7225i 

Drivers from 7225 are not working on  7225i

Also  we tried installing drivers using direct IP connection to the printer,  but after installation you can't print because printer is telling you that  paper tray is empty (when it's not in reality)

Could anywhone advise on the problem ? 



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