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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Cannot print #10 enveloppe through the Tray #6 OHCF

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1.  Canada and the US should be in inches since that is what our paper is. It is possible you have the Macs measurement units as metric, if that is the case, I suggest changing it in Language&Region because it will cause a lot of hassle with printing support

2. I'm near certain tray 6 OHCF has no envelope paper type option until you put the "envelope thingy in place" in the tray. (Tray 5 should have them by default)


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Joe Arseneau
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Cannot print #10 enveloppe through the Tray #6 OHCF

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Product Name: Xerox Versant 180 Press
Operating System: macOS 10.14 - Mojave

Hello ! I hope you are having a wonderful day !

I am writing to this forum after having quite a few problems printing #10 enveloppes on a brand new Versant 180 Press. I am hoping you guys may help me more than the numerous guide, manuals and videos on youtube that have not been able to do much so far.

I am guessing that I am doing something wrong regarding the size of the enveloppe, and I am not sure quite where I am messing up.

When I try to do enveloppes, I have the following options on my Versant press Paper configuration (I am terribly sorry, i am based in Quebec, Canada, so the informations are in french, but i'll translate what is written for you) :


  • Tray 6 (OHCF)
  • Env : 229mm x 324mm (I know it is not the correct size for a #10 enveloppe, I am mainly concerned as to where and how I am supposed to be entering a #10 enveloppe size in this menu)
  • Non-Coated paper
  • 170-220 Gm2
  • White as the paper color

My fiery settings should be something like this when I try most of the time to do enveloppe, and i am basing my findings from a video that Xerox put out showing how to do Enveloppe printing on our press.


Capture d’écran, le 2020-02-16 à 11.17.32.png

So, I am mainly choosing the right grammage, the right support type, and the right paper source.

Again, I know it is not setup in the right paper size, I am mainly asking because of this.

I have tried doing some test to change the value to a custom size paper, to no success (The printer stays in Printing step forever if I do so).

I am sure I am only missing the correct way to enter the size of the enveloppe, but I am quite frustrated that the versant press manual makes mention of supporting #10 enveloppe, but isn't in the predefined selection of paper size !!! :( :( :(


THnka you for your help, and I sincerely hope somebody can help us with this problem.


Raphael L.

Montréal, Canada

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