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Joe Arseneau
Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Cannot print Greyscale when color toner is out

The job requesting color must be deleted from the printer.

Send it again with the 2 BW's you chose, but also select these in the Adobe Window, they will absolutely mess it up if not selected.


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Joe Arseneau

Cannot print Greyscale when color toner is out

Product Name: Phaser 7500
Operating System: Not Applicable

I have been printing Greyscale ever since my printer stopped printing Magenta over a year ago.

I dont do a lot of printing.

I have no need for color much at all, most of my printing is greyscale.

I bought this printer because the salesperson assured me it would continue printing black and white or greyscale when the color toners had run out.

Of course at the worst possible time I am printing 90 page workshop manuals double sided, for a class which I'm teaching tomorrow and after printing 3 of 5 manuals i get the printer blinking message, "yellow toner out" although the data processing light keeps blinking and doesn't change to red as it would for a warning.

The printer stops printing and the "yellow toner out" message keeps blinking on the printer control panel.

I have gone into the printer settings on the control panel under both Postscript and PCL and changed to black and white.

When printing the PDF document i go into xerox features on my macbook and change to xerox b&w

I have set colorsync to General Greyscale profile.

But still this printer will not print Greyscale with yellow toner out.

If I can't get this printer to print Greyscale with yellow toner out, I vow I will never buy another Xerox printer.

Is there anyone who has had this problem before and resolved it successfully?

Is there a way to get the printer to print a test page in Greyscale while yellow toner is out?

Is there an obscure setting hidden somewhere that I need to change?  I have already changed the obvious settings to Black and white, both on the printer and on my computers print dialog box.  Arrghhh!

Help is much appreciated before I throw this printer into the sea and go buy a HP.


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