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Re: Cannot print using ANDROID on Phaser 3020


I'm using PrintHand (paid, as non-licenced version doesn't work, it's just a "preview"), and while it can't find original Phaser 3020 driver, it works with "generic Xerox Phaser 3020" driver, which can be found in Generic/Generic Xerox folder, named "Generic Xerox Phaser 3020". I don't know does anyone need some special driver features, but this one works just fine for me after setting up as wireless printer with RAW protocol (doesn't have any other). Nice, fast and correct printouts :-)


@Tibor Svarc wrote:

I have found two third party apps that enable your Android phone to print on Phaser 3020:


In order to be fully functional you'll need to buy a key for it.



To bad, there is no original, Xerox app/plugin that recognizes Phaser 3020 on Android devices. The forementioned apps also do not recognize this specific printer, they use generic drivers, but they do provide basic functionality.

It would be very nice if Xerox would develop and publish an Android app/plugin that will recognise this printer.Like other big manufacturers (Epson, HP, Samsung...) Specially, since from January 1-st 2021. Google terminated it's Cloud print service on which Xerox relied so far. 


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Re: Cannot print using ANDROID on Phaser 3020

Thank you @tibor Svarc


I've just bought the "PrinterShare:" and it's working perfectly.


I'm also sad, beucase a have to buy a new app to print from my phone to my Wifi printer, but it's ok, always learning.


To you folks from "Xerox" it's regrettable. I'm for sure, that some hours of a good developer can solve that problem. You should buy PrinterShare from Dynamix... Just a hint. 

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