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Re: Cannot set envelope type for envelope tray

does the C7020 require PS kit to print on Envelopes?

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Re: Cannot set envelope type for envelope tray

Hi there!

Would you please make sure you are following the process below?


  1. Open Tray 1.

    Open Tray 1

  2. Remove any paper contained within the tray.
  3. Pull out tray to its furthest extent.
  4. Grab both sides of the machine end of the tray until the tray pops free of the machine.

    Remove Tray 1

  5. Place tray on a flat surface.
  6. Press in tab and lift on storage compartment cover.

    Open tray storage

  7. Remove contents of the storage compartment.

    NOTE: Store the Standard tray in a safe place where it will not be damaged, such as a filing cabinet with sufficient storage space, or the Envelope Tray original box.

  8. Carefully insert the Envelope Tray into the machine until tray clicks in place.

    Install Envelope Tray

  9. Press in tab and lift on envelope tray storage compartment cover.
  10. Deposit contents of the previous tray's storage compartment.
  11. Close tray door.
  12. Press the login button on the control panel and log in as the administrator.

    Note: Depending on when the device was manufactured or the software version installed, the default password may be the device serial number or 1111.

  13. Touch Device.

    Touch Device

  14. Touch Support.

    Touch Support

  15. Touch Tray 1 Envelope Option.

    Touch Tray 1 Envelope Option

  16. Touch Enable to activate the Tray 1 Envelope option.

    Touch Enable

  17. Touch the Back button to return to the Device app.

    Touch Back button

  18. Touch Paper Trays.

    Touch Paper Trays

  19. Touch Tray 1.

    Touch Tray 1

  20. Touch Tray Type.

    Touch Tray Type

  21. Touch Envelope to enable envelopes.

    Touch Envelope
Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Cannot set envelope type for envelope tray


Hope to help you:

Log in as "admin"

  • Select Device App
  • Select Support
  • Select Tray 1 Envelope Tray
  • Select Enabled and OK
  • Select Tray Settings within the Device App
  • Select Tray 1
  • Change Tray Type from Standard to Envelope
  • Confirm Envelope Type Settings


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Cannot set envelope type for envelope tray

Product Name: VersaLink C7020/C7025/C7030 Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Not Applicable


We are purchased envelope tray 497K17720 for our C7025. It was installed to tray 1 slot. But after I cannot set envelope in tray setting. I can set envelope's to bypass tray, but for env. tray -- no. 

IMG_5087 2.jpgIMG_5086 2.jpg


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