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Cherylockholmes Valued Member
Valued Member

Carbonless Paper acceptable in 7220?

I am having paper jam in a 7220.  The paper they are trying to use is pictured below.  I can't seem to figure out if this paper is supported, and if so, which setting would be appropriate for it.  It is carbonless paper, so pink, yellow, white in order and if you write on the pink, you can see it on the white below it, as if it were carbon paper, but it has the feel of regular 20lb. paper.  Unfortunately, I don't see any weight on this paper anywhere.  Is there a recommended paper type setting I could try? It's not "heavyweight"....recycled maybe?



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Xerox Employee GaryM-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: Carbonless Paper acceptable in 7220?

20# seems about right for carbonless intended for laser printers.  Each type of sheet is likely be a slightly different weight due to the coatings.


There is a media list for WorkCentre 7220/7225.  Carbonless is not listed as a supported paper.  For devices that support carbonless, it is usually mentioned and uses a plain paper setting.

Technical Escalation User ThomasL47204-XRX
Technical Escalation User

Re: Carbonless Paper acceptable in 7220?

The only possible way that I can see that paper feeding correctly is if the bound edge is facing the pickup rollers - and then I'm still not certain it would. I don't have experience with this specific model, but most models have pickup rollers that are designed to separtate single sheets.


Edit: I found out that this paper is not pre-bound, but that it can also curl during the printing process, causing jam issues.

TedBundo New Member
New Member

Re: Carbonless Paper acceptable in 7220?

I actually use that exact paper for our carbonless form invoices;with the same printer. While we do experience rare issues with the paper curling it has actually outperformed any other paper we've tried.

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jdn Member

Re: Carbonless Paper acceptable in 7220?

I use that same brand of paper in other printers. I generally find it doesn't jam or misfeed if I take a small stack of paper and fan/spread it to make sure every page seperates easily from adjacent pages. Hope this helps.