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clay.powell New Member
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Color Cube 8570 Duplex Issue

I have a strange problem with my new 8570.  It doesn't seem to matter which application, or machine in my office, or whether the printer is installed locally via direct IP port or through a shared print queue off our server, but the unit will only follow whatever I set in printer preferences.


I can open the properties for my printer, click the preferences button and set it to 1 sided or 2 sided printing and it will do what I tell it to from there.... but if I am in a program, any program, and tell it to print and click the properties button to simply print that one document either 1 or 2 sided it will not work correctly and still follows whatever setting I have configured in the printer preferences option.  


For example... I want it to default to printing single sided but I would like to be able to open the properties dialog from my application, such as Word, and click the properties button there and tell it to print on both sides and it do it...currently if I have the printer preferences set to print on one side and I go into Word and tell it to print on 2 sides there it still only prints on the one side.  It does this if I reverse it as well and set preferences up for 2 sided and try to print single sided from the application it still follows the preferences and prints double sided.


I have tried various applications... connecting to the printer through a direct IP port and through the print server.  I have tried using both the PCL and PS drivers for it with no luck either way.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.









Well, further research and combing through the admin/user guides I have discovered it is this way by default and is intended that way.  The "old" manual way of printing on both sides will work only when printing from tray one according to the manuals.  Tray two will only follow the options set in the printing preferences which is exactly what I am seeing happen.  I just installed this new 8570 to replace a  Phaser 8400 that died after a good 10 years of service.  The 8400 worked fine with the manual duplex does my 6180MFP.  Apparently the newer 8570 is not designed that way. 


If someone thinks different or can point me to a way to make work as expected I would greatly appreciate it but from what I gather unless we use tray one it just isn't an option.




Well again, further research... I found a "Customer Expectation" document for the 8570/8870 line and it clearly states on there that manual duplex is supported for each tray.  Yet the admin/user guide states it only works for tray one.  Now I am!  :)

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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
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Re: Color Cube 8570 Duplex Issue

Hi Clay,

Thank you for using the Support Forum. Please take a look at the solutions for unable to automatically print two sided (duplex).  If these solutions do nt help please consider contacting your support centre for further assistance.

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Georgene New Member
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Re: Color Cube 8570 Duplex Issue

Go to the printer's menu screen. Choose "Paper Tray Setup", then "Tray 2 Paper Type". Once there, check to see that you have "Plain Paper" If it says "Card Stock" or something different, change it to Plain Paper -- something the printer can print in duplex.

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Re: Color Cube 8570 Duplex Issue

Duplex was not working for a month. Deleted from device manager printer, dumped temp files/uninstall, re-booted and new drivers uploaded. Still didn't work.

Follow steps on printer menu, tray selection, plain!