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ElHarpie New Member
New Member

Color Disparity

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Product Name: VersaLink C7000
Operating System: Windows 10

We recently purchased a VersaLink C7000.

Print jobs have color disparities/do not appear as they do on PC monitors.

I have run the automatic color calibration, tried using a different printer port, and checked/unchecked the "Let printer determine colors" box in Adobe.

I read through this. Could it just be the CYMB/RGB difference? Is there a way to simulate sRGB on the C7000?


Manual for the printer can be found here.


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ElHarpie New Member
New Member

Re: Color Disparity

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According to this Xerox product guide, the VersaLink C7000 has an ICC profile. I absolutely cannot find it.

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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
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Re: Color Disparity

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Hi ElHarpie,

If you have not already resolved this issue, we suggest you search our online knowledgebase for this product: VersaLink C7000.


Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page for other support options.

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Mohammad_armouti Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: Color Disparity

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our role here is

"What we actually see on our monitor is not really what we get from the printer"
each one of them using defferent color space, the monitor is RGB color Space and the printer is CMYK color space and the gamut " the number of the color that the device can produce " for each one is totally different .
even for the same types of the devices " monitors ,TV's, printers ,scanners or digital cameras ,etc... " the device gamut is not the same. for that we consider these devises as a Devices dependent color which is mean that the output relate to the settings of the device on which the image was created or output


now In Order to have a clear troubleshooting here we have to make sure about multiple points.


Hardware "machine side "

- Is your machine currently having the latest firmware\SPAR ?
in your case the latest version is 56.35.01 which released on 4th of Jan  if not upgrade it from here
check the installation Guide in the same above  link to have extra details how to upgrade it ,


Is your machine consumables\ parts status is fine ?

toners,Drum cartdriges ,Developer modules , fuser assembly ,transfer belt assembly ,transfer belt cleaner ,1st BTR & 2nd BTR and LED printheads are all directly affected in the image output quality.

in you case ill suppose every thing is fine since you state that "We recently purchased"



- did you perform the print calibriation ?

yes you did

- did you try to submit your job on the machine webpage to avoide any color managment\correction from the software side? is there any difference in the output ?

"might this option will not be available in your machine model ".


Software "PC/ Mac "side

- which print driver\ version you are using ?

make sure to use a V3 driver not a V4
V4 is a classic driver for windows 8 and above so dont use it
also be sure to install the driver locally on the PC not to use a shared one on another PC\server that some times in some cases creating an issues

In your case use this one PostScript Driver - Xerox User Interface - Microsoft Certified

what is the file type you are trying to print ?

usually we prefer to convert the files to PDF so we have more control on the color managment level
MS applications "word ,power point and excel ,etc.. " using the sRGB profile by default which usually making alot of output color issues when printing .

on the other side using PDF type could have issues too "some of the files is already created and exported as a RGB not CMYK Conversion,also it is possible that the file having a spot color " but at least we might have the options to fix this and maybe we couldn't !

i guess from your statement " checked/unchecked the "Let printer determine colors" box in Adobe."

that you'r trying to print a PDF file



- do you have a specific colors in the document having the issue with ?


If yes


that mean your file probably having a Spot color and mostly it will be a PANTONE color

how to know that !!

- by Adobe itself
you can use the print production tool in the Adobe reader "optional feature which means you have to burchase it from Adobe "" to know what are the colors that your document have and then you can convert the spot color to be a CMYK color .

- By your eye
you can define which color you have difficult to produce and then you can fix it by xerox print driver
how can you do that ?

you can use the color by words option which is an option allow the users to build their own sentences


color by words.png


you can build more sentences as u need .




thats mean most of the output colors in your documents is not accurate then you have to select the appropriate settings for the color corrections and color adjustment in the xerox print driver.




i hope this will be helpful for you and for others .

let me know If you still have any issues ,



ElHarpie New Member
New Member

Re: Color Disparity

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Mohammad_armouti, you are an angel.

It was as simple as using the postscript driver that you recommended. We had installed the driver that came on the install disk (PCL6) so we didn't have color adjustment options. Now we can choose sRGB under Color Correction and it looks great.

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Mohammad_armouti Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Re: Color Disparity

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Hi ElHarpie

Im so glad that you figured out the issue, i guess your PDF file was exported in RGB rather than CMYK and this is the common thing usually happened when we want to acheive the color desired on CMYK printer and we can't .

it is so importnant for us to know what is orginal file is, so we can choose the correct color correction depends on that .as what happened in your case your PDF file is RGB and definitly you must use sRGB profile as i mentioned above.

Gd Luck  for you Buddy!!

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