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Color Misaligned on new C235

Product Name: Xerox C235 Color Multifunction Printer
Operating System: Not Specified

Brand new Xerox C235 printing and copying yellow below the rest of the image/colors immediately out of the box. 8.5" x 11" plain copy paper is being used. All cartridges are at 40% or higher. No error codes or messages are being displayed on the device or computer. A service request was created with Xerox, agent instructed for me to wait for a call to schedule an on-site representative service, checked status after 4 days of not getting any contact and they marked the service request "resolved" 30 minutes after creating the request. I have tried the color adjustment multiple times, reinstalling printer and drivers multiple times, removing and reinstalling the cartridges multiple times, and double checking the paper quality and sizing in the tray. Below is an image (top) showing the yellow color below the rest of the colors versus the what the image should look like (bottom).



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Re: Color Misaligned on new C235


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