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msadwindiana New Member
New Member

ColorQube 8570 - How long to leave powered on

I would like to know if I should leave my colorqube 8570 printer powered on all the time or if I should power it on only when I need to use it, then power it off when I'm done for the day.  Thanks for any responses.

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Xerox Analyst RuiKZ6N6K-xrx
Xerox Analyst

Re: ColorQube 8570 - How long to leave powered on

All ColorQube devices are made to be left turned on always. They have a intelligent power save method and will maintain the heads as supposed to. If your turn it off, you will lose a lot of wax every time you turn it on.


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Xerox Employee JohnS2-Xerox
Xerox Employee

Re: ColorQube 8570 - How long to leave powered on

every time you would turn it on the printer will purge his reservoir. and if you leave the printer of long enough the print head will get clogged and you would need a replacement.

And those things are expensive.

The solid ink printers are great with colours but the printer will need to be used often.

If you use it so little that you thinking of turning it off and on then you could have bought the wrong kind of printer.
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