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Re: ColorQube 8570 print oddities

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Re: ColorQube 8570 print oddities

I thought someone might have commented on this by now. Perhaps someone else has bought one since I posted this message.

Anyway, just to add some more detail, today I ran a batch of 500 sheets - from the first sheet out to the 20th the 8570 took one minute 20 seconds; then it got up to speed, 30 pages per minute. At page 168 it stopped printing, hummed to itself for a while and then ran the rest of the job. I had another batch to run, but waitied about half and hour before running this lot (any run of up to 600 and the 8570 starts printing slow, as described in the Help pages); and this second run also ran the first 20 pages in about 1 min 20, the rest at 30 pages/minute and also paused at page 168!

All very strange. Any comments?


I don't understand why this machine can't run more than 600-ish sheets without  overheating; my previous 8550 would run all day without complaining; it used to pause for a second or so between batches of 50 sheets - but you didn't have to give it time to rest like the 8570, which is a newer and improved machine.

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ColorQube 8570 print oddities

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Sometimes, like today, first pages are slow; also sometimes printer pauses without any clear reason.


I know that if I run 500 pages or so the printer may pause and print slower because some bit or other may be overheating, but today the job was only 150 pages in black and the printer ran 125 then paused for a minute or two before it ran the rest of the job. (First job I put through when I got the printer the printer was some 250 sheets and they belted through without a pause.)

On today's job the first 15 pages or so were printed slowly; then the printer got up to speed for the rest.


Any comments or thoughts from other members with this Qube?

(Running on Mac OS 10.5.8 [Leopard] G5 PowerMac)

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