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Joe Arseneau
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Re: ColorQube 8570 printing darker than other xerox printers

The way you describe the color shift implies the programs are outputting RGB intents, which is easily handled in Acrobat/Reader but I have no access to Corel products. To change the default in Acrobat/Reader you just go to Advanced and set it to Let Printer determine color or in Acrobat Pro it is Advanced > Color Management > None




And of course it could be the driver, it isn't likely in the PCL since it has no real color ability, but the PS driver does, and by default, Xerox tends to over saturate a bit (Think Samsung AMOLED displays), if it is that just set Color correction to None, in the PS driver





Corel draw, from What I remember, still uses old PPD based print, and make sure it is using the right ICC profiles, you can grab them here. Unfortunately, unless they added on the fly later, it would need to be set as a default according to their forum

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Joe Arseneau
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ColorQube 8570 printing darker than other xerox printers

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Why is the new 8570 printing darker than the other printers we have.. 2 x Phasers 6250 and even inkjet ones?


We have hundreds of images we need to print now on the 8570 and do not need to go back and change anthing there.


It has to be the printer to change.


The prining quality is excellent but the whole images are darker.


I mainly use Corel Draw and Acrobat 8 for printing on plain and glossy


e.g. dark bue is really dark and skin tones are like dark sunburn.


How can we do this please?






Addition:  In Corel Draw I adjusted the gamma to 1.5 from 0 and it was more like the other printer's colour, altho maybe a little less vibrant. I guess because the gamma effected the whole thing..

I used plain and xerox glossy.


Anyway I'd appreciate some help please

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