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Re: ColorQube 9303 - "Printer Status" print job



I would suggest trying to print out through Centreware, if that works it has to do with the queue on the mac.


Doing a clean install of the driver might help, remove the printer from the queue and install it through the plus sign, choosing IP-printer.

Protocol LPD

Queue: LP

Print using: correct driver here

Also try printing through different programs.


Hope this helps


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ColorQube 9303 - "Printer Status" print job

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We have a user here who is having an issue when trying to send any print jobs to the ColorQube 9303 in our office. Whenever this user tries to send a print, a flood of "Printer Status" jobs fills up the queue. Now these "Printer Status" jobs never actually print out, and the user must manually delete each "Printer Status" job before they job will actually print out.


User is running on Mac OSx 10.7.4 and has the latest drivers installed for the ColorQube 9303.


Here is what the print queue appears like:

ColorQube Error.png

The drivers were installed on a fresh install of OS 10.7.4, as have other machines that do not seem to be having this issue at all.


Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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