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dietzarch New Member
New Member

Colorqube 8570DT different color stripes in prints

I am constantly having problems printing images especially if they are in the midde of a multipage document. I keep getting vertical stripes of green or pink through the middle of images and they tend to run all the way up the page but skip black text/blank areas. There are times I have to print documents one page at a time to avoid this problem and that doesn't alway work. I've run the eliminate light stripes process and printed solid fill pages and can't see any problems there. I'm often on tight deadlines and can't send documents out to potential clients with print errors as our business is detail oriented so this is causing a lot of trouble.

The image below shows the problem. The issue is the vertical lnes only. The blueish horizontal lines are from scanning in the page so ignore those. Any ideas on what the problem is or how to fix it? Pages from MX-2640N_20150326_095322.jpg



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Kimzi Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Colorqube 8570DT different color stripes in prints

Hi, dietzarch!


It does look like a lighter stripe, have you tried Jet Substitute?

Print a light stripes test page, to see if any jet is not working correctly.

Have a look HERE.


Best Regards


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dietzarch New Member
New Member

Re: Colorqube 8570DT different color stripes in prints

Hi Kimzi,

THe light stripes test was the first thing I did and everything was fine. It's not always the same color stripe on the prints. I have a lot of different documents with the same blue box on the right and sometimes the stripe is green other times it is pink.I've googled everything I can think of and haven't managed to find anyone else having this issue.

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