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dtezla New Member
New Member

Colorqube 9203 Paper Substitution

We have a 9203 colorqube and we cannot figure out how to override the paper selection if an odd size is accidentally printed.  For example, on all my other printers if you print something that is sized at 8.5" x 6", you can tell the printer to print on 8.5 x 11 instead right on the printer.  For the qube, I can't figure out how to do this.


I have the page substitution enabled, but it only does some of the sizes.  I don't see a universal option to just force the print.  Can anyone help me?

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: Colorqube 9203 Paper Substitution

starting from firmware 061.0x0.221.24900 , they included some extra substitution options , call xerox to obtain that release since its not on the xerox site... FER: Automatically scale between common Metric and US sizes for PS Special Instructions 1. Go to the Local User Interface (LUI) to enable Paper Substitution for trays. (This enables Paper Substitution Only, not scaling) 2. Go to WebUI (CWIS)PropertiesServicesPrintingGeneral 3. Turn ON check Letter/A4 Substitution. Click [Apply] (This enables scaling when Paper Substitution is performed.)
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