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Re: Colorqube 9203 Windows 7 Issue

When I look under the Ports tab:


I see the one I created at the address it is at.


Enabled bidirectional support is grayed-out so I cant enable it.


When I go to the Advanced tab:


Driver: Xerox ColorQube 9203 PS


Not sure where else to look...

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Re: Colorqube 9203 Windows 7 Issue

in the options of the driver you need to enable bidirectional with the correct ip address.

or you can disable bidirectional setup and then select the model 9303 in your case manually with the appropriate options like duplex, finishing options, lanfax...


when you do that, the printing preferences change from basic to colorqube

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Colorqube 9203 Windows 7 Issue

Product Name: Other - specify product in post

We have a few 9203 Coloqubes here at the office and we have found some quirky things in regards to printing from Win7 machines.


My computer and my fellow IT buddy's computer cannot access the Xerox Printing Preference panel. We are both presented with the basic windows looking control panel. Even under the "Advanced" settings we are presented with the basic default windwos one.


Other users seem to be ok (for what we can tell) - Users have either XP or Win7 installed


We are using the latest driver and have tried both PS and LP with no resolve.


When I print out a document to be double-sided (long-edge) even though it is selected via the basic looking windows printer preferences, it still prints out single pages.


I cannot acces the actual Xerox printing preference control panel.


I have even added the printer locally with the local drivers (downlaoded form the website) and connected via TCP/IP and it stlil does not show me the Xerox control panel.


Anyone experience this or might know what I can do to fix this?



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