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Come on: the actual macos version is 14, where are the drivers?

Product Name: Xerox B210 Printer
Operating System: Other – specify OS in post


I am on a MacBook Pro 16 M1 and I have used my b210 printer wireless without larger hazzle (except that setup at the beginning was not really self explanatory as I was used to with HP printers I had before). 
Unfortunately, after upgrading my mac to macos sonoma, I could not print anymore wirelessly. Printing via the web interface was still possible, so this was obviously a compatibility issue with the "new" macos version (already 4 months old).

The error: "CAn't open '/private/var/spool/cups/tmp/...' 

For anyone who is running in the same problem: After two frustrating hours I finally found a workaround.
- Remove the old driver
- Reset the printing system (right click in system preferences - printer and scanners and select this option)
- Add new printer on this preference page: Select tab "IP"
- Enter the IP address of your printer (that can be found in your wifi router backend)
- Select "AirPrint" as Protocol
- Click 'add' button.

This works so far. But hey, Xerox – why won't you simply provide some up-to-date drivers for your printer models?! Under "Operating Systems" in this forum thread, the most actual macos version selectable is 12. Come on, we are now on macos version 14! 

To be honest: I could not recommend this brand to anyone who is looking for a printer that simply works from a manufacturer that makes sure that drivers and software is always up-to-date and working. 

Hope it helps someone out the there because I could not find any useful help around here with this issue.

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