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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: Contemplating Purchase of older machine

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1.The machine was released in 2008.

2. Yes, it is supported by service (for the next 2-3 years) and also you will find parts and cosumables especially since the majority are found in the next series of equipments (Xerox 700i/770, Xerox C75/J75).



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Frequent Member

Contemplating Purchase of older machine

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Product Name: Xerox 700i/700 Digital Color Press
Operating System: Other – specify OS in post

Good morning ALL!

WE have been in the print and design business for a long time.  Want to acquire Xerox 700 Digital Color Press With Xerox Fiery DP700 to continue our operation.

Obviously an older machine.  My questions are simple.  

1. How old is this machine?

2. Is this machine still going to be service by Xerox and are supplies and parts readily available?

We are wanting to expand on our capabilities, even in the downslide of things being printed on paper.

Thank you for any information about this unit and its life span.


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