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Re: Crystal Reports V8

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I will discuss the above with the customer.  Thanks for your reply.

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Joe Arseneau
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Re: Crystal Reports V8

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Xerox doesn't have a Universal driver, that's HP

Xerox has a Global Print driver, and it has 2 different flavors (PCL and PS)

For SAP, and HP type work, you would use the PCL, not the PS.


Now if Crystal Reports doesn't honor the driver you would need to either change how the reports are made, or force the printer, when a driver isn't used, to be BW .




Changing the version will do nothing on the Crystal reports end, and their Kyocera and HP machines worked exactly the same way, they just forgot how they made it work the way it did in the end.


    Do you always want to print in black and white?
    If so set the printer up that way when you design the report.

    Another idea is to use a black and white only printer when you design the report.  I designed several reports for a client not knowing they wanted to use a color printer.  When I delivered the reports they loved them but needed color.  I had to install their color printer driver and reset the reports to use it.

    Are the reports designed with that printer as the default printer?
    If not try setting that printer as the default printer then design the report.  It may then be able to switch to black and white mode.

    Crystal is very sensitive to the printer driver and seems to only allow changes to the things that the printer it was designed with can do.  I designed many reports using a printer that couldn't duplex.  The users in order to save some paper wanted to print duplex but couldn't until I changed the reports to use a duplex capable printer.


The key to remember is the printer used to create the report is the one it uses to print it, it is entirely unrelated to the driver settings used when printing that report.






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Joe Arseneau
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Crystal Reports V8

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I have a new municipal gov't customer trialing a WC7556 using the Universal driver due to my low bid on a RFP for 10 copiers. All Microsoft printing works fine but they are using one application called Crystal Reports V8 from SAP.  Current version is V16 but the customer cannot upgrade at this time.


The application seems to be overriding the Print Driver as we set the printing prefernces to Black in both Print Preferences and the Advanced tab under Printing defaults.  When printing from Crystal Reports the unwanted color function keeps reappearing.


I realize that if the customer would upgrade their old version of Crystal Reports this problem would go away but the customer is insistent that they cannot upgrade at this time.  They keep on saying that the function works properly on their HP and Kyocera MFPs.


I suggested that they try a generic HP driver but they declined.


Any ideas?



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