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Re: Current drive listed on Xerox will not download

This has been fixed and worked when I tried it this morning. Thank you.

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Current drive listed on Xerox will not download

Product Name: ColorQube 8580
Operating System: macOS 12 - Monterey

I tried to download the current Mac driver for the Colorqube 8580. It was released earlier this month (see details below); however, it will not download the file properly. I just get a webpage full of ASCII characters rather than a proper file. I have tried with both Safari and Firefox with the same results. Is there a way to get this fixed, as I cannot seem to print to my Coloqube since upgrading to Monterey.


Thank you.



  • Released: 12/07/2021
  • Version: 5.10.0(2305)
  • Size: 89.98 MB
  • Filename: XeroxDrivers_5.10.0_2305.dmg
  • Tags: Recommended


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