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Re: Cyan cartridge reported as empty when it shouldn't be

Hello Mensana88,

This device has a Cyan Toner Cartridge and a Cyan Drum Cartridge. I would check that message carefully, as if it is the drum it may still need to be replaced. Here are the steps for replacing the Cyan Drum Cartridge.

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Cyan cartridge reported as empty when it shouldn't be

Product Name: WorkCentre 6515
Operating System: Not Specified

I have a Xerox WorkCenter 6515 printer and a few weeks ago I was informed that I need to order a new black toner cartridge. I did that and three days ago it arrived in the mail. I went in the menu of the printer and tried to see how much toner is left. The printer did not tell me, just that I needed to reorder a new cartridge. At that time I noticed that the Yellow, Magenta and Cyan toner cartridges were all in the 60-70% range. This makes sense because I mainly print black and white documents. However today, I sent a document to print and I got an error response on my computer. I didn't pay much attention to what it said but when I went to the printer I saw that the Cyan cartrdige is reported as empty. This is definitely an error because the cartridge was around 65% three days ago and I did not print anything since then. I took it out and shook it well and then I placed it back in, but it's the same error message. How do I overcome this situation? I can order a new cartrdige, but I am 100% that it can't possibly be empty.

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