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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: D125 Scan Folder Destination

If you have a Fiery:

Webtools > Scan Settings login as admin at right and edit the template you use

If you have no RIP

CWIS > Properties > Services >  Workflow Scanning > File Repository and edit there


Webtools and CWIS are the built in web pages for the devices, get to them by putting the IP you print to in your web browser address bar.

And don't have access to one so I can't do screenshots, the Fiery is for sure, the other is that or very similar.

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Joe Arseneau
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D125 Scan Folder Destination

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Xerox D125 printer. Our server that holds all our files went ka-put from a storm. We have a new destination folder for when we scan and save over the network, and I know the path/IP address and credentials to assign the new path, but I cannot find where to change the destination folder. I can access admin settings.


Can anyone tell me where the settings are to change the destination folder? It would save making a service call.

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