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DC 2240 - expert needed - Copies are goods, prints not!

I get these problems ONLY by printing, when copying they do not happen!

Thats my problem, and I have no solution. It only happens by printing (by network).
Sry for my english.

1. printed paper has wrinkles/creases, no matter if landscape, or paper size, or paper type.
2. When doublesided printing the Docucolor makes paper jam (9 of 10 prints) (just when paper is taken again to print the other side.)

All Paper attributes are set to Postpaper (14) for all sources in the printer preferences.
When I print Postpaper is set in driver.

How can this happen, ONLY by printing. I think it must be a setting problem. I tried many things.
I read the manuals and service book but did'nt find a solution.

Thanks, Daniel
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Xerox Employee
Xerox Employee

Re: DC 2240 - expert needed - Copies are goods, prints not!

Hello kingcaby,


Just to confirm, when you say postpaper, do you mean recycled paper?


In either case, have you tried setting the paper type directly on the machine?  In order to do this you would need to log into the machine as the Admin. and change the paper tray attributes.  The DocuColor 2240 Knowledge Base has instructions on how to log into the machine and set these specific paper attributes in the paper trays.  If you have not tried to do this yet, it is highly recommended.

When you click the Knowledge Base link and are taken to the KB, you will need to enter the word "wrinkle" (without the quotes) into the search field and then click search.  The first solution in the list of search results will explain how to setup the paper tray(s).

Please post back to let us know if this helped or not.



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