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DC 900 keep stopping every 10 sets of booklet!!

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Hi Guy's,


I have problem with DC 900 machine, customer is complaining about this machine. Customer making thousands of booklet with bypass insertion and the machine making funny things like everytime the machine produced 10 sets of prints it's stop for about 2 minutes and start firing up again. Before the machine was continuously printing without making this.


Any Idea about this? that can help to prevent the machine for doing this.


Thank you in advance..




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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: DC 900 keep stopping every 10 sets of booklet!!

It never was able at any time to use a different cover and not pause, the fuser needs to change temperature for the cover and cannot do so without the pause, if they used the same stock for the whole job it would not pause.


The large pause would be Fuser cool-down when it gets too hot, this would always have happened, but if it is getting to be as long as they state, it could be that the fuser needs to be replaced, or the room temp is higher than previously. It will state on screen at the upper left why this pause is happening when it is happening.


If the issue is memory related, change the LPD spool via:

Machine Status > Tools > System Settings > Print Service Settings > Allocate Memory and change the LPD option to HDD

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Joe Arseneau
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