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PaulWinterbourn New Member
New Member

DC242 printing problem



I have just inherited a Xerox docucolor 242 after a recent merger and I am having difficulties with it. I am pretty well versed in IT so any hacks or entering the command console using the kernel is not beyond me in order to get this issue fixed.


Basically, all I have done is move the printer down to our network and change it's ip address on the front console screen using the admin login. Before the ip address change we had this printer set up as a network printer on the windows domain controller. This windows dc has now had its ip changed and I have changed the tcp/ip port properties on the network printer on the server to point to the new ip of the printer. However, this is not working. If i send a print job it just sits in the printer queue on the server.


I have also installed the printer drivers on my windows 7 laptop and pointed it to the ip of the printer, again the test page gets stuck in the queue. I can quite happiily ping the printer.


I was told that I should be able to browse over the network to the printer and it should show three folders (hold, print and another one). This does not show up.


If I go on to the printer and choose web applications it comes up with an error code and doesnot show any information.


I am assuming that the printer use webs ervices in order to allow people to print and there is something up with the web services on the printer but I do not know how to reset it or change it.


If any one can give me any pointers on how to fix it please do!


many thanks in advance for any help/advice




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Printfun Occasional Contributor
Occasional Contributor

Re: DC242 printing problem

Do you happen to know what rip it is using? Fiery bustled, Fiery External or Creo?

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Fabio Valued Advisor
Valued Advisor

Re: DC242 printing problem

maybe you can do a full system restore of the machine? normally there are cds equipped with the machine, thay way you have a clean start of installing the machine...

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k_graham Frequent Member
Frequent Member

Re: DC242 printing problem

Sounds like an external - much easier to use if you attach a monitor and keyboard


If you open command workstation from the server, or install it at your workstation and open as administrator you should be able to find


Server, network setup, port 9100 setup - its probably set to hold instead of print


While in that area you can turn on or off services probably one of those broadcasts the print or hold queue referenced - start by turning most on.


If its working don't re-install - instead go to and download a free cloning CD then clone what works to a image file - need space on a backup harddisk for this. This assumes it is an external RIP if its the built in one I would suggest the same when the Xerox tech is there so it could be attached to a regular computer and cloned to disk image





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