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reidnigel New Member
New Member

DC250 light stripes

I have a Docucolor 250 (not on any contract) that has some print quality issues and I'd appreciate any advice going on what the cause is likely to be. I've attached samples prints to show what's happening. The first image is of the built in test page no 11 printed at 20%. Basicall all colours are pretty good at 100% but when down at lower intensity there various streaking issues especially on cyan and black. All colours have faint streaks but different to the big on on cyan. Yellow is pretty much the same as magenta sample but harder to see so I didn't post it on.

I have already tried the following. Replaced corotron. Cleaned ROS windows inside and out, but not the mirrors and glass as they looked clean anyway. Cleaned transfer belt. Confirmed that the images appear the same on the transfer belt as they do on paper.


Thanks in advance for any help...



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Community Manager CherylO-Xerox
Community Manager

Re: DC250 light stripes

Hello reidnigel.


If you have not already resolved this issue, we suggest you search our online knowledgebase for this product: DocuColor 240/250.


Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page for other support options.

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keithw1975 Member

Re: DC250 light stripes

A problem with the blue developer unit?

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