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Dark blue prints much lighter on ColorQube 8570 than 7845PS

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We have these sheets that are princted for each of our clients. The color is our logo color and I have uploaded an image of how the PDF looks after being saved as a PDF from Excel. I have also uploaded two scans of printed copies, one is from our ColorQube 8570DN (the lighter-blue copy) and the other is from our large 7845PS. Is there any way I can correct the differences between these two printers? original.pngcolorqube.jpg7845.jpg

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Joe Arseneau
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Valued Advisor

Re: Dark blue prints much lighter on ColorQube 8570 than 7845PS

Things to compare starting at the application level


File > Print > (Choose a printer) > Advanced

Make both printers identical, and have them set exactly as shown here (You apply these settings by sending a print per device)




Then, Start > Devices and Printers right click each one and go to Printing Preferences > Image Options > Color Correction and disable them and click Apply




While you are here, might as well verify nobody did something wonky on either ones Color Adjustments tab too (unlikely, but being thorough)




And again, while you are here, go to the Advanced tab and change the font setting to match this,





it is completely un-related in any way to any of your issue, but, the default setting is the reason that every once in a while you get a totally messed up output full of "gibberish" (Wingdings), the reason it seems, is that the printer replaces known fonts with residential ones, it does this for multiple reasons and really, all is well. But for whatever reason, if it doesn't know the font, it guesses, and for whatever reason, it almost always guesses you meant Wingdings.


Grrrr, Arghhhh.


Anyway, that should get you printing almost identical outputs, you will never hit 100%, solid ink and toner are very different things.


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Joe Arseneau
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