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Dc 242 spire cx260 Problem

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I've a big problem : when payday loans start cx260 application original version and Version with SP1 appears window with " spire is go to shutdown. 60..59.." and the application shutdown. I restore system .. The problem persist. Also I install SP2 then the software is ok but there are no communication with the copier .. What's happen ??! Solution is possible ??? Thanks.

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Re: Dc 242 spire cx260 Problem

is this helpful :




As soon as the SPIRE CX260 is completely booted the message "Shutting Down in 60 seconds" is displayed and the application shuts down. Relaunching the application will result in same message and shutdown.Cause: keyboard, mouse and vdu In my case i had connected a keyboard, mouse and vdu to fault find a CX260 that i couldn't remote desktop to. I reloaded the software several times and replaced the hdd and the fx board, with no change to the fault.


 Solution: After setting the machine up using the keyboard, mouse and vdu, i got the machine to a point where I could now remote desktop to it. I removed the keyboard, mouse and vdu and used remote desktop. The message never appeared again.

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